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  • Welcome To BLR!

    BLR Plumbing & Solar Energy was initially established in 2008 when the founding members were involved on a government energy savings programmes, we have since then completed several projects successfully & recently decided to come together to broaden our services.

    We have capabilities to handle any Plumbing or Solar Water Heating project with our professional and well-trained plumbers, this also includes construction related projects.

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    About Us

    Our Vision

    BLR Plumbing & Solar Energy aims to be a prominent global industry leader in sustainable Energy, Plumbing and Construction Solutions that address today’s environmental concerns.

    Our Core Services

    We offer integrated High Quality services that ensure sustainability which is underpinned by our core values.


    Integrity – in all our undertaking;
    Respect – self, client and environment;
    Inclusive – all-encompassing consultation behavior;
    Responsible Culture – Accountability on task and decisions taken.

    The company is founded by the fully accredited plumbers conforming to the “Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB), SABS and SANS regulations.

    BLR means a peace of mind, Customer support is priority for us.  We are committed to providing timely and accurate support for your peace of mind. Consumers rely on our support for warranty and product information.  Our in-house Plumbers and Contractors are available 24/7 for technical assistance and application support to our customers.

  • Our Services

    Solar Geysers
    Our Solar Geysers service offering is much wider than most suppliers, we offer direct and indirect Solar Geysers which can be closed couple (roof top geyser tank) or Split systems where the tank is inside the roof.
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    Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s plumbing system working properly all year. Plumbing maintenance does not take a long time to complete and it will help minimize...
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    Geyser Repairs
    This is a 24/7 service that we have implemented to assist with emergency repairs for both Solar and Electric Geyser to our clients. Contact us anytime our technicians are available to help you get back in business in no time.
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    BLR Plumbing & Solar Energy has integrated management of construction related activities and projects, where our team plans, designs, construct and maintain the construction...
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  • Our Clients

    As a flexible and agile company that offers variety of services across the plumbing industry, we are able to cater for clients big and small. Our products are sourced from all over the world to ensure customers receives what our professional assessment dictates – aligned with your property requirements, this ensures that we are not bias to one product.

     Our clients’ portfolio at the current stage includes:

    • - Home owners,
    • - Business premises,
    • - Insurance companies,
    • - Commercial property management organizations,
    • - Residential property management organizations,
    • - Other Facility Management companies and;
    • - Short, medium term Government contracts etc.

    With us you are guaranteed high quality service, expert advice and a job not to be revisited again.
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    Give us a Call: Mob: +27 73 789 9454;
    Tel: +27 12 753 7500; Email:

    BLR Plumbing & Solar Energy is a solution to all of your Plumbing, Construction and Solar Water Heating service needs, anytime you need it! We provide a wide array of services for your entire house or business. Whether you have a leaky faucet or need a complete home make-over, give us a call today and see how we can save you time and money! We are open 24/7 to assist you with your plumbing emergencies!

    Our flexible solutions for your property include:

    - Plumbing Services,
    - Bathroom Plumbing,
    - Expert Leak Detection,
    - Kitchen Plumbing,
    - New Additions,
    - Residential Plumbing,
    - Septic Tanks,
    - Water & Gas Lines,
    - Commercial Plumbing,
    - Construction Projects and;
    - Solar Water Heating.

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    Contact Us

    450 16th, Road, Randjiespark, Midrand, 1685. Gauteng.
    Mob: +27 73 789 9454; Tel: +27 12 753 7500;
    Fax: +27 86 218 8948; E-mail:
  • Solar Geysers

    Our Solar Geysers service offering is wider than most suppliers, we offer direct and indirect Solar Geysers which can be closed couple (roof top geyser tank) or Split systems (where the tank is inside the roof). There are several techniques that will be applied to give our client preferred system while ensuring effectiveness.

    Our installations prices ranges from as little as R6 000 for a geyser system with 5 years warranty, this attractive price coupled with Eskom’s rebate is ideal for families big or small.

    Our no-cost site assessment will identify the best system and confirm the quotation based on the results.

                                                       BLR Energy Recommended Hot Water Geyser/Storage
    Number of Household Members:






    Tank Size Recommended:             (l = Liters) 

    80 – 150l

    150 – 200l

    200 – 250l

    250 – 300l

    300l +

    The liters indicated above will ensure that Hot water is always available, infect our systems are designed In such a way that they store one and a half day to two day’s hot water demand. This ensures that if NO sufficient sun is received for a day, Hot water is still available the following day.

    The basic Solar Geysers Systems available:


    • Direct Solar Water Heaters/Geysers – the system circulates the portable water in the Solar HWC through the solar collectors; heat is then transferred to the household hot water.
    • Indirect Solar Water Heaters/Geysers – the system circulates heat transfer fluid/glycol through the solar collectors, heat is transferred indirectly to the household water supply using a form of heat exchange.

    Our Configurations:

    A close coupled system - This system uses solar collectors and a tank which is located on the roof top. It uses a passive system of water circulation as hot water rises from the panel to the tank through thermosiphon flow.
    Split system - Split systems also have a solar collector on the roof, but the tank is located below the collectors, so this means you have an active system water circulation which requires a pump to move water around.

    The main advantages of these systems is that they are low cost and from an efficiency and maintenance point there is little difference between both systems, our customers can choose between Flat Plate of Evacuated Tube Solar collectors.


    We also offer installation of additional components, accessories and features of the latest technology to convert your electric geyser into Solar powered geyser. Proper insulation is done to reduce possible heat loss or over heating.

    Give us a Call: Mob: +27 73 789 9454; Tel: +27 12 753 7500; Email:
  • Plumbing and Maintenance

    Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s plumbing system working properly all year. Plumbing maintenance takes only a little time and it will help minimize plumbing problems that will require more time and money to repair.

    - Fix leaking taps or showers
    - Clear slow drains
    - Clean tap aerators
    - Fix running toilets

    - Check for kitchen sink leaks.
    - Check for garbage disposal leaks
    - Clean the kitchen sinks drain
    - Maintain the septic and Sewer system.
    - Maintain your sewer main.

    Check water pressure. If the pressure is too high we install or repair/replace the pressure regulator to bring it down to a safe level.

    Burst Pipes

    A burst pipe is classified as water emergency – and can be costly if not addressed quickly. It can cause serious damage to your home's structure and electrical wiring. It is vital to take action as soon as you discover a burst pipe. Our technicians are available 24/7 to assist.

    In case of pipe burst emergency, turn off the main stopcock and electronics (if affected). You should find the main stopcock under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters your home. Switch off the central heating heater and any other water heating systems. Once water heating has shut down, turn on the hot taps to help drain the system.

    Call us to rescue:

    Blocked Drains

    We have encountered residential properties with blocked drains that home owners take for granted and this results to house furniture damages or worst, We have qualified plumbers that will assess the situation correct it and prevent future blockage – Giving you a peace of mind.

    Always remember DIY may void your Plumbing Systems' warrant on the property; always leave it to the professionals. Call us to rescue: 24/7

    Give us a Call: Mob: +27 73 789 9454; Tel: +27 12 753 7500; Email:
  • Geyser Repairs

    This is a 24/7 service that we have implemented to assist with emergency repairs for both Solar and Electric Geyser to our clients. Contact us anytime our technicians are available to assist.

    We believe that Hot water is critical for any family and most businesses, hence our helpline that has been implemented to assist our clients every day, anytime. This flexible service has been tested numerous time and our BLR vans has always showed up on time to help our valued clients get back in business.

    Our repairs are carried out by qualified plumbers and electricians to ensure warrants and insurance claims are honored by the respective organizations. Our BLR vans carries all the necessary tools to ensure jobs are completed every time we send our plumbers out.

    Our Geyser Repair service offering:

    - Telephonic job assessment & call-out quote,
    - Damages quote (owner or insurance purpose)
    - Repairs,
    - Clean up and,
    - General maintenance assessment (e.g. Pressure test, limestone build-up and water hardness)

    Most of our qualified plumbers are located in areas near you, we are also able to estimate the response time to reassure our service commitment and get you up and running in no time.

    “Service Promise”

    “We promise to be available 24/7, 365 days a year
    If you’re having an unexpected emergency, like a burst pipe, which requires an urgent repair then call our 24/7 call center to arrange a visit from one of our locally based plumbers, who are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are plumbing specialists, capable of taking on a range of jobs with ease, whether they involve indoor or outdoor plumbing”

    Give us a Call: Mob: +27 73 789 9454; Tel: +27 12 753 7500; Email:
  • Our Solar Water Heating Clients

    Did you know – Most the insurance companies offers our clients an option to restore a burst or leaking geyser with energy efficient solar water geyser?

    Most of our government clients i.e. municipalities, local government, ESKOM, Department of Environment and Department of Energy also invest in different Solar Water Heating Programmes for communities.

    Why BLR Clients go Solar Water Heating?

    Remember electric geyser contributes average of 70% towards your monthly electricity bill. The good news is that you can reduce it without spending a cent extra: - in fact the geyser pays for its self without any extra expenses from your tight budget. BLR specialize in installations of superior quality approved by ESKOM and the plumbing industry association (PIRB). We will assess your property, Hot water usage, water quality and recommend from our range of local and imported geysers the best Solar Water Heating system for you.

    Also remember, sunlight is free, limitless and emits nothing when converted to water heating, meaning your return on investment starts immediately.

    Why should one invest on Solar Geyser from BLR Solar Energy?

    • 1. Our Solar Geyser will SAVE YOU MONEY immediately,
    • - 70% reduction on your monthly Electricity Bill, this means real money on your back pocket.
    • 2. Increases the Value of Your Property,
    • - You are guaranteed to recoup your investment when selling or letting your property.
    • 3. Save Energy,
    • - Help the country’s economy by saving electricity, this means less electricity which needs to be produced by ESKOM.
    • 4. Save our Environment,
    • - A reduction electricity used for water heating means over 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.
    • 5. Last Longer
    • - This also help save money as our solar geyser systems last longer than conventional water heaters, topped with warranties we guarantee uninterrupted hot water from the sun.


    Our Plumbing and Maintenance Clients

    Did you know – regular plumb work maintenance will cost you less and save your property or business avoidable downtime as compared to people that waits until everything comes to halt?

    Our company has built trust with mainly property management companies and home owners that recommend our professional services to anyone that requires plumbing work to be done properly.

    Why BLR Clients Trust Our Plumbing Works?

    BLR has been established by plumbing industry specialists, our principal plumbers are qualified and accredited members of the PIRB, we comply with the SANS standards, we source products worldwide and carries the SABS mark of certifications. We revisit the latest technology every now and then to ensure compliance with the regulation and recent trends.

    Our principal plumbers are sent to seminars to recap and adopt new trends to give clients piece of mind and reassurance that all projects completed are of highest standards and exceeds your specifications

    We approach your Job project management style, meaning that we can prepare computer aided drawings and total project budgets and plans to visualize end results for clients that prefers this approach.

    Why should clients choose BLR Plumbing?

    • 1. Transparency,
    • - We do not surprise clients with invoices; we communicate work before any undertaking.
    • 2. Professionalism,
    • - Our team is carefully selected and trained  to maintain professional image and courtesy
    • 3. Reduced Lead-times,
    • - We strive for agility hence  professional plumbers with BLR vans are located in areas near you within the county,
    • 4 Cost, Quality and Environmental pledge,
    • - We promise to beat the prices offered by our competitors and maintain quality work, while protecting the environment.
    • 5. Accountability,
    • - As a legal entity trading under the Dti, CIPC, and SABS – SANS codes of practice we take accountability and responsibility associated with our activities around your property or house.

    Give us a Call: Mob: +27 73 789 9454; Tel: +27 12 753 7500; Email:
  • Our Construction Projects

    BLR Plumbing & Solar Energy has integrated the management of construction related activities and projects, where our team plans, designs, construct and maintain the project from initiation to finish.

    The service offering includes:
    • - Residential Building construction (Houses)
    • - Industrial construction
    • - Commercial Building construction
    • - Heavy Civil construction

    At BLR Plumbing & Solar Energy, we believe that for the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential. Involved with the design and execution of the infrastructure in question, one must consider the environmental impact of the job, the successful scheduling, budgeting, construction site safety, availability of building materials, logistics, inconvenience to the public caused by construction delays and bidding, etc

    Architectural Drawings

    As part of our construction services, we have gathered a team of professional certified architects that are able to commission the project or advice interpret the plans during our plumbing projects, our professionals are  trained to plan and design buildings, and oversee their construction sites.

    We advise clients on:
    • - Reducing the project time and cost
    • - Get their plans approved by council as speedily as possible
    • - Avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous contractors
      • How to avoid scope creep

      Always remember, only qualified persons with appropriate certification or registration with a relevant governmental body may legally practice architecture. Such licenser usually requires an accredited University Degree, successful completion of exams, and a training period. Our team is fully accredited and will oversee the council and engineer’s approvals for all structures designed.

      Call us to rescue:

      Give us a Call: Mob: +27 73 789 9454; Tel: +27 12 753 7500; Email: